The Depot Fireplace and Stove Center
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The Depot Fireplace and Stove Center Fireplaces
Wood Burning High Efficiency
Wood Burning Open 
Small Gas 
Medium Gas
Large Gas
The furnace that looks like a fireplace.
No fireplace burns as clean.
One of the cleanest burning and highest BTU
output appliances ever certified by the EPA
Bed & Breakfast
A name that suggest intimacy and coziness
Designed for corner, flat wall, or limited space
Designed to offer large viewing area along with 
comfortable heating for smaller rooms of your home
Offers large viewing area and designed to heat
up to 2,500 square feet
Economical to use and can be added to any room
Resembles burning wood with glowing flames
We carry FPX and Dimplex brands
Larger than life style
With classic masonry appeal
Linear Fireplaces
The very best in home heating and style.
Sleek linear appearance with dancing flames
Da-Vinci Line
A fusion of fire & iconic contemporary design
A dramatic focal point for any room or business